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Pre Training Activities

Pre Training Activities

The pre training phase would consist of activities aimed at assessing the market demand in the selected area of intervention, mobilisation of candidates and spreading awareness about the programme and finally the selection of candidates based upon their aptitude. A brief description of activities in this phase follows.

Employability Potential Assessment

A team of professionals and local persons (partner/volunteer) would conduct the EPA. It would involve collection of demographic and market potential related information of the target area. Secondary sources as well as direct contact with the business establishments and industries in the area would be carried out to assess specific human resource requirements. EPA would form the basis of finalising the training courses and development of curriculum according to the market demand. The process of EPA would be repeated every six months to validate on the progress and update the training curriculum if needed.

Curriculum Development

Based on the competencies and the skill sets required, as pointed out by EPA, subject experts would frame a curriculum which would cater to the required employability skills. All concepts pertaining to any particular trade would be incorporated in a 72 days of training program blended with theory and practical.

Assignments and field visits would be a regular component in all the identified trades.

Selection of Instructor

Instructors for the identified trades for training would be selected from the local area as far as possible. The instructors would be people with at least 2 years of industrial exposure pertaining to the respective fields. Proficiency in basic communication skills and familiarity with the local language would also be factors in selection of instructors. One of the important tasks of the instructors would be to network with industries and business establishments for recruitments of the candidates after the training.

Training of Instructors

Before the instructors getting involved in the actual training process of the candidates, a training of instructors would be conducted to orient them towards training methodologies, training curriculum and other necessary inputs.

Community Mobilization Drive

Community Mobilisation Drives would be conducted in the villages or town from where the potential candidates for the training programme would come with an objective to spread awareness about the programme and motivate candidates to join the course. It would be a half-day event, where all the potential youth who might undergo employability training would be assembled and the concepts of the program are introduced at a common venue.

Selection of Candidates

Pre training activities would culminate in the selection of candidates for the training courses. Candidates would be selected on the basis of individual counselling and their aptitude. Care would be taken that at least 80% of the beneficiary should be from below poverty line belonging mainly to rural or semi urban areas. Each batch of trainees would have at least 50% women.

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